The year that killed retirement


the year that killed retirment

A heart-warming and very personal account of our South African experiences during Lockdown by the author and 9 Guest Columnists. This lovely and timely book will be of great interest especially to those of us facing retrenchment, layoffs and early retirement. By promoting the idea of a Platinum Tribe of alert, aware and innovative people entering perhaps the best and most productive phase of our lives, the overriding call of this book is to Embrace Ageing and dictate to whatever extent possible our path in the Post Covid future.

2020. Were we planning retirement? Think again. Great disruption and uncertainty rules. But might this harsh new reality prompt us to recognise our interdependence and shared humanity? Will we use this pause for breath to imagine a new dawn for humanity and our battered planet?

Michael Hook believes retirement as we know it is dead and urges us to reinvent ourselves in our Platinum Years. Guardian Angel Mam Khanyi is too busy seeing to the needs of 80 child trafficked girls to ponder any sort of relaxation, whilst futurist Graeme Codrington  is steaming mad about individuals and corporates who have not seemed to “get” the new reality of our times.

Monk Antony Osler views the crisis through the calm lens of Buddhism, accompanying several other extraordinary South Africans in a sharing of their 2020 experiences, hopes and fears. And through these stories shines a goodness and bravery which allows us to hope some positives may come from this defining period, and that for seniors the best period of our lives may be to come.


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The answer to layoffs and retrenchment.

The dismal performance of the South African economy over the past decade and the double whammy of Corona Virus opens the floodgates of retrenchments, downsizing, early retirement and shattered dreams. We no longer retire and need to survive 5 or 7 years of inactivity, because these days we will live 25 years after finishing a formal career. Medical aids won’t last, retirement pay-outs will dry up, and the fact is most of us will need to reinvent ourselves to create a monthly income.

Employers owe their loyal staffers an easier and clearer exit. Our corporate and group interventions in one day or longer retreats start the process of retaining meaning, viewing the future clearly and realising there are many opportunities available to us with the support and network of our Platinum Tribe. Enquire about running our workshops in your business or organisation, it’s the right thing to do.

About the Author and founder of The Platinum Project

Michael Hook is a Johannesburg based Personal Transformation practitioner and Wellness Industry figure with an enduring interest in Eastern Philosophies. He is recognized for his Beyond Nicotine Quit Smoking interventions in the workplace and associated internationally available retail herbal formulas, how-to book and online courses for smoke cessation. More recently he founded the Platinum Tribe, a platform for people facing retrenchment or retirement and seeking to reinvent themselves. The Platinum Project website seeks to be a support, networking and information portal for those hoping to maximise their later years and find meaning and prosperity. Michael is an enthusiastic advocate of meditation and retreating and is intrigued by the possibility of our sixties and seventies being the most rewarding period of our lives. He is married to Helen, is a stepfather to twin twenty-something girls and he lives in Johannesburg.